Baseline Delivery

Baseline is excited to announce the launch of Baseline Delivery, a web-based application designed specifically for buyers of closed reverse mortgages. 

Baseline Delivery allows closed loan buyers to

  • track outstanding commitments
  • simplifies operational review of delivered files
  • ensures loans are delivered as originally stipped
  • streamlines reprice process
  • reduces risk of funding errors
  • protect P&L generated from closed loan bidding process

Baseline Delivery saves significant man hours for file review teams, and reduces the risk of overpaying for loans delivered outside of stips.  Required fields and related tolerances are managed at company level, giving users full capability and flexibility to review as few or as many fields as they’d like.

Baseline Delivery can be connected directly to the Baseline pricing engine, or works as a stand-alone solution for companies who have already streamlined their bidding process.