Baseline Valuation

Baseline offers independent 3rd party whole loan & HMSR valuation services. By leveraging our industry leading loan level performance analytics, we offer a level of precision unmatched in the reverse mortgage valuation industry. All valuations are run at loan level to provide our clients with a more accurate – and more actionable – valuation.

Our approach to valuation is available for download here: Baseline Approach to HMSR Valuation

Services Include:

  • HMBS Portfolio Valuation
  • Third Party HMSR Valuation
  • Rate Sheet Pricing
  • HMSR Portfolio Interest Rate Sensitivity
  • HMSR Portfolio Cash Usage Forecasts
  • Whole Loan Valuation
  • Impaired Loan Valuation
  • HMSR / Whole Loan Transaction Valuation
  • Portfolio Refinanceability Studies

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